Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees with your service?

You’re charged for the screening reports that you order.

Do you have a monthly service fee?

Yes, There is monthly service charge of $50 (waived if your account bills $50 or more each month.

Do you offer an Applicant Ordering Feature

Simply send your applicant an email invitation. Once the applicant selects the link within the email they will be instructed to enter their information and order the screening report.

Are you available over the weekend?

Yes, we are open 7 days a week from 9am – 9pm Eastern Standard Time.

What information do you need to run a credit report?

  • The applicant’s full legal name
  • The applicant’s full date of birth
  • The applicant’s Social Security Number
  • The applicant’s valid domestic street address

Do I need a person's authorization to conduct a background check?

If you are an employer, federal law states that you must obtain prior authorization before conducting a background check. In addition, you must keep the authorization on file for a period of three years.

How does Background Info USA screen applicants?

Background Info USA takes an investigative approach when conducting a background screening search. Upon receiving a search request, we first review the information provided for proper spelling and name order. Second, we confirm that the SSN and Date of Birth are accurate. Third, we scan the credit report or SSN trace for alias names and/or maiden names. We immediately communicate with the customer if we discover that the applicant has alias names and/or if the SSN or DOB appears to be incorrect. Next, we review the areas in which the applicant has lived in order to determine the proper search process necessary for a thorough screening. We then contact the employers to confirm current and previous employment history. We also call the landlords to confirm current and previous landlord history. The search is not considered complete until it is reviewed by our quality control department for FCRA compliance and accuracy.

I know that someone has been arrested in the past. Will this report show that?

Background Info USA (BIUSA) is fully compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Our documents and procedures are regularly reviewed for compliance to state and federal regulations.

Are you Fair Credit Reporting Act compliant?

Arrest records will not be provided. The only criminal record information provided will be related to criminal convictions. If a person was arrested and then released without being convicted, this information will not be reflected in our reports. Depending on the county courthouse, arrest records may occasionally be returned if the case is still ongoing or awaiting trial. Since a person is innocent until proven guilty, arrest records should never be used to make a hiring decision. Only criminal convictions should be used in making decisions.

Do you have insurance?

In addition to general liability insurance, BIUSA carries a $1million Errors and Omission policy and is licensed by the State of Florida.

Do you provide instant results?

Many search types are instant and available within seconds of ordering, including DMV, SSN and Credit Reports.

What additional fees can I expect?

Fees generally fall in to three categories and are passed directly through without markup. They include, but are not limited to the following:

  • County court fees – some counties in the U.S. charge an access fee. Court fees are charged per name, per look up.
  • Employer fees – some employers charge for employment verification, or outsource verifications to outside companies.