Ongoing Criminal Monitoring

24/7 Arrest Monitoring

How Does Criminal Monitoring Work?

With Background Info USA’s Ongoing Criminal Monitoring platform companies can now provide better protection to their clients, employees, and brand by mitigating the risk of continuing to employ employees with post-hire criminal convictions. Our innovative and FCRA-compliant tool will alert you whenever an employee or contractor is found to have a reportable criminal record for however long they remain employed with your organization.

Step 1

Provide List of employees to start criminal monitoring

Step 2

Employees are monitored 24/7 looking for any recent arrests

Step 3

If arrest records match employee, we begin monitoring court for reportable records

Step 4

When record is confirmed, employer receives an alert with details

Employee Rescreening vs Criminal Monitoring


How long is an employee enrolled in Ongoing Criminal Monitoring?

For each enrolled employee, Background Info USA will monitor for post-hire reportable criminal activity 24/7 and indefinitely until you remove them from the monitoring platform

Can monitoring be canceled at any time?

Ongoing Criminal Monitoring may be canceled any time

What happens if a record is identified?

If there is criminal activity identified from our 24/7 monitoring platform, it will be verified at the criminal court system in an FCRA-compliant manner prior to alerting the employer.

Who should you monitor?

Ongoing Criminal Monitoring is critical for positions with an elevated level of trust or risk to an organization. We recommend using this tool to lower your risks in industries such as healthcare, financial services, education and for any positions involving interactions with a vulnerable population.

What is the difference between Employee Rescreening vs. Ongoing Criminal Monitoring?

Employee Rescreening is not a continuous monitoring program like the Ongoing Criminal Monitoring service. With Employee Rescreening, you choose the timeframe (monthly, annually, etc.) of when you want us to automatically conduct whatever search type you choose. With Ongoing Criminal Monitoring, the system will continuously monitor for any post-hire reportable criminal activity on a daily basis.