Sample Packages

Title column

  • Social Security Number Validation
  • Comprehensive Address Trace
  • National Criminal Database
  • National Sex Offender
  • OFAC Homeland Security
  • (1) County Criminal*
  • (1) State Criminal Record*
  • (1) Federal Criminal Record
  • (1) Employment Verification*
  • (1) Educational Verification*
  • DMV Records*
  • Consumer Credit Report*
  • Drug Test 10 Panel (Urine)*
  • Electronic i9
  • e-Verify Management
  • Medical and Financial Sanctions
  • International Screening

(*) indicates that additional costs apply for: educational verification via the national student clearing house, employment verification via The Work Number or any other third party source, applicable county/state court fees and DMV mandatory state access fees. Additional costs may apply to confirm any criminal records found via a database search. The FCRA and Consumer Protection Law requires that we (CRA) must verify this employment background check information at the originating source (county courthouse) to confirm positive ID, completeness and accuracy prior to returning this information to you the customer. Background Info USA offers our services to legal domestic companies only. We do not offer our services directly to consumers.
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